midi step sequencer app for ipad

Easy to use 64 step sequencer, just enter your notes with a keyboard and press play to play them back.

Set accent, tie and rest per step, mute and skip steps, change boundaries, and set MIDI CC values per step.

Control other iPad music apps via CoreMIDI, or external MIDI synthesizers using a CCK and USB-MIDI interface.

Created by the developer behind the pioneering iOS CoreMIDI music apps FunkBox and Little MIDI Machine.


  • Up to sixty four steps per pattern
  • Four parts, sixteen patterns per part
  • Accents, ties, rests, mutes, skips, parameter locks
  • Loop sequences, sync start, sync pattern changes
  • Use keyboard to record, transpose, or change patterns
  • Pattern mix page allows you to select among multiple patterns for multiple parts


  • Reliable, steady sync to MIDI clock with time shift adjust
  • MIDI mapping of start/stop, rest, accent, tie and other commands
  • Set multiple MIDI CC values per step for interesting modulation